Here at Ethnasia Jewelry, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Greek charity organizations so that we will be able to support their purposes by donating a percentage of our net sales to them. Starting this new effort we have the honour to collaborate with 5 Greek organizations. We love to give back to organizations that we believe are making a difference in the world.

In an effort to be more transparent with our consumers, we would love to provide a breakdown of our donation amounts to each of our wonderful charity partners. As stated on each of our charity-related product pages, we donate 10% of net sales per product after each quarter has ended. Below is a breakdown of how we reach the allocated donation amount.

Gross Sales - Discounts - Returns of Each Product = Net Sales of Each Product
Then we multiply the net sales by 0.10 to reach 10% of net sales per product sold.

In addition to the breakdown provided above, we would like to note that the donation associated with the sales of every charity-related product is not tax-deductible to the purchaser.

We hope that this disclaimer is helpful to our customers purchasing with a cause in mind and if there are any questions regarding our charity program, please reach out to