Ethnic ring Ofis RingEthnic ring Ofis Ring

Ofis Ring

Ethnic ring Achilles RingEthnic ring Achilles Ring

Achilles Ring

Ethnic ring Hephaestus RingEthnic ring Hephaestus Ring

Hephaestus Ring

Ethnic earrings Spirit In the Night EarringsEthnic earrings Spirit In the Night Earrings

Spirit In the Night Earrings

Ethnic ring Circle Silver RingEthnic ring Circle Silver Ring

Circle Silver Ring

Ethnic earrings Classic Ear CuffEthnic earrings Classic Ear Cuff

Classic Ear Cuff

Ethnic ring Meditation RingEthnic ring Meditation Ring

Meditation Ring

ethnic necklace Crescent Moon Necklaceethnic necklace Crescent Moon Necklace

Crescent Moon Necklace

Topanga Canyon NecklaceTopanga Canyon Necklace

Topanga Canyon Necklace

ethnic necklace Third Eye Necklaceethnic necklace Third Eye Necklace

Third Eye Necklace

Ethnic ring Saturn RingEthnic ring Saturn Ring

Saturn Ring

Olive Crown RingOlive Crown Ring

Olive Crown Ring

Ethnic ring Triangle Silver RingEthnic ring Triangle Silver Ring

Triangle Silver Ring

Ethnic ring Arrow RingEthnic ring Arrow Ring

Arrow Ring

Ethnic ring Evil Eye RingEthnic ring Evil Eye Ring

Evil Eye Ring

ethnic necklace Silver Ofis Necklaceethnic necklace Silver Ofis Necklace

Silver Ofis Necklace


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