The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

There is nothing like an island getaway to spend some quality time with family or partner and achieve some much-needed R&R. There are many stunning islands around the globe that offer a unique and exotic escape. From Maldives to Fiji and beyond, following are the most beautiful islands in the world to inspire your next great vacation.

Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are an archipelago commonly described as a tropical paradise. Stretched across 90,000 square kilometers, the islands offer the tourists pure white sand beaches, amazing marine life experience, and turquoise waters. There are water activities for all age groups. If you are not in the mood for an adventure, then you can simply spend quality time laying around the beach. The best time to visit Maldives is between October and March.

Palawan has been ranked as the most beautiful island in the world many times. Popular for beaches, hiking, diving, and fishing, it is one of the top tropical travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The sparkling water and the white sand beaches will surely make you fall in love with Palawan. The island also harbors a long stretch of virgin forests lined with stunning mountain ranges. The best time to visit Palawan is during the month of October to mid-June as well as mid-June to September.

The Cook Islands
Situated in the heart of the Pacific, the Cook Islands are an oasis of freedom with pure white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and warm weather all year round. The 15 islands of this archipelago are known for their volcanic pinnacles, palm-bordered shorelines, and tempting blue/sea green tidal ponds. Among the best things to do in the Cook Islands, it is highly recommended that you try local cuisine and do snorkeling and jungle trekking. The best time to visit The Cook Islands is during the month of April, May, September, and October.

The Fiji Islands archipelago in the South Pacific is blessed with crystal blue waters and pure white sand beaches, making it a perfect place for escapism, romance, or simple relaxation. Diving, rafting, and snorkeling are some of the best activities that are favorite among the people. The silky warm beach and the breezy palm trees add that glory of the perfect evening. Late October to early November is the best time to visit this place.

Whitsunday Islands
This paradise is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef halfway along the Queensland Coast of Australia. Whitsunday Islands are beautiful and laid-back with lots of activities to choose from. The sandy beach is perfect for tropical sun tan and the alluring waters always call for that deep diving in the ocean. You can also visit the National Park located near the island or head out for a hike in the hiking trails. The best time to explore Whitsunday Islands is between September and March.
Whether you crave adventure, culture, or simply want to spend quality time on a beach, at least one of these islands should fulfill your travel dreams.

Photos by: Flo Dahm, Asad Photos, Alana Harris, Daniel Pelaez Duque, Pinterest

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