Must-have Jewelry for a Summer Look

Must-have Jewelry for a Summer Look

As the days grow longer and the temperature rise, we shed our warm, trailed pants, leather boots, and snuggly sweaters for cool shorts, light sun dresses, and cute tanks. While shopping for the new fashion trends this summer, be sure to swing by your favorite jewelry store and invest in some stylish pieces that will complement your summer wardrobe. Not sure what to choose? Here are some recommendations.

Mismatched Summer Earrings
The mismatching summer earrings trend is back. Wearing mismatched, funky earrings represents gorgeous and fun reflection of your summer feeling. This idea may sound crazy at first, but as you look at your summer jewelry collection, you will realize that some of the earrings look really good together. Be bold and brave by wearing different size and shape earrings that can go with any summer outfit you may choose. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try the different combinations of sizes, shapes, colors, and metals to fully revive the summer look.

Perfect Bracelet Combinations
When you think of winter, you immediately imagine cozy scarves and cute sweaters. In the summer when it’s time to peal these layers away, you have more skin to play. Take advantage of sleeve-less summer styles and don’t forget the arm candy to complement your clothing. Stacking many thin bracelets at a time is a popular trend. Some individuals even wear a few bulky pieces together. These bracelet combinations add a layer of sophistication and style to casual summer outfits. It is recommended that you layer bracelets of different shapes and sizes on your wrist to determine what works best for you.

Sandals are back in style in the summer season when the sun is out. During this time, your feet are no longer hiding behind wool socks and knee-high boots. However, that doesn’t mean your feet don’t deserve to flaunt themselves. Feminine and delicate, an anklet is an excellent way to accent your summer sandals and tan legs. There are wide variety of options when it comes to anklets for a stylish summer look. If you want a luxurious look, you can go with sterling silver, charms, 14kt gold, and even diamond accents.

Chainlink Necklaces
Take your summer wardrobe to the next level by pairing a stylish chainlink necklace with your look. Edgy and modern, chainlink necklaces add an urban tone to your summer wardrobe. A chucky chainlink necklace is a popular option as it comes in variety of lengths and looks great whether you wear it alone or combine it with other necklaces. From chokers to 20-inch pieces, chainlink necklaces are classic and hip at the same time. A lot of summer outfits have low-cut necklines, so an over-the-top chainlink necklace will add the perfect finishing to complete your overall look.

These are some of the must-have jewelry options for a summer look. Decide on one, or many, to fit your unique style. Choose what makes you feel comfortable but don’t hesitate to experiment.

Photos by: Jeff Denlea, Rachel Claire, Apostolos Vamvouras

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