How to Stay Fashionable in the Rain

How to Stay Fashionable in the Rain

Rainy weather is inevitable, no matter the region. At some point, it is going to be windy and rainy when you need to be outdoors. However, don’t let rain become a hindrance to achieving a fashionable look. Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean you have to be too. You can be in style, even when it’s raining. Following are some guidelines that will help you stay fashionable in the rain.

Wear a Trench Coat and Rain Boots
A classic trench coat is a perfect choice for rainy weather. It is such an essential, classic piece that it works for virtually all occasions, particularly the rainy season. It is recommended that you buy a trench coat or jacket with a detachable hood so that you can wear and style it according to your preferences. Don’t forget rain boots. There is a huge variety of them available so you are assured that you will find a pair that fits your style.

Layer an Anorak Over a Button-Up Shirt
When you are dealing with rainy weather, you need to be prepared. It could suddenly become sunny and bright or it could get really cold. Having light layers on will help you stay comfortable and cozy and it will also allow you to remove something if it suddenly becomes hot and sunny. Warm and comfortable layers work great with minimalist black jeans. It’s an office-friendly attire that is also suitable for rainy weather.

Pair Colorful Galoshes with Cropped Jeans
Rain boots are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but they don’t have to be the traditional type that is often seen in stores. You can get water resistant boots in a number of different styles, e.g. duck boots, Chelsea boots, or even teal rain booties (a.k.a. galoshes). You can wear them with a basic tee, ankle jeans, and an anorak featuring neutral colors for the ultimate get-up on a rainy day.

Carry a Chic Umbrella
An umbrella is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to stay fashionable in the rain. There are so many cheap and stylish umbrellas available at stores, so there’s really no excuse to stick to just the basic design. Invest in a chic umbrella or a bubble umbrella as it will offer great protection from the rain and also look very stylish no matter what you are wearing.

Save Your Hair
Rainwater is acidic and dirty, which is really bad for your hair. So, it is highly recommended that you do everything you can to save your hair. The best way to protect your hair in rainy season is to invest in some good quality waterproof hoodie or jacket. Apart from this, a portable umbrella and shower cap are also must-have items. When it’s raining outside and you have someplace to go, wear a scarf to hold your hair in place. This will certainly help minimize moisture in your hair.

Although rain can present a challenge when it comes to dressing properly and looking fashionable, there are guidelines that can help you achieve a smart rainy-day look. With the above-listed tips, you will know exactly what to wear the next time you have rainy weather.

Photos by: Jack Finnigan, Marcel Strauss, Kristina Paukshtite, Julie Aagaard, Omar Lopez

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