How to Effortlessly Refresh Your Style

How to Effortlessly Refresh Your Style

Are you bored of your usual wardrobe and struggling to find anything interesting and new to wear? If yes, then it is time to find your new style and refresh your wardrobe. Many individuals struggle when it comes to refreshing their wardrobe. It is a recurring situation that you can effortlessly deal with by investing in a few clothing items once you have acquired some basic styling knowledge. Following are some key tips.

Neutrals Are Your Best Friend
You can combine neutral colors with any color you like and have peace of mind that they will add sophistication and polish to your attire and make your outfit look pulled together. Even if you are not a fan of neutrals and you usually wear a lot of color, including neutral tones in your wardrobe will help ‘ground’ your look.
Neutrals can be brown, white, gray, taupe, olive, tan, ivory, navy, black, etc. So, you have plenty of options and the best thing is, you don’t have to choose just one. You can combine any of these shades. However, if you are refreshing your style/wardrobe on budget, then it is recommended that you focus on two or three neutrals that are the easiest for you to style and wear.

Accessories Are a Wardrobe Savior
The right accessories can really transform your overall look. Go through your wardrobe and examine the accessories that you already have and replace them with new items. If you have a tight budget, then get just one trendy piece in each category. For example, you only need on designer bag and a couple of comfy stilettos in your wardrobe. A simple scarf can elevate any look without hurting your budget. Basic options like bags, scarves, and jewelry can really enhance your attire and give you a stylish yet minimal look.

A Staple Shoe Can Get You Anywhere
No matter whether you are working from home or not, it is recommended that you invest in some staple footwear that’s big on both style and comfort. To spice things up, mix and match a shoe-outfit combo that you haven’t worn before. It doesn’t matter what you choose for staple shoes, the only rule of thumb is that you take care of them. If you wear them every day, then be sure to make best friends with your local cobbler.

Remember, a Coat Will Transform Your Look
If you have been eyeing a trendy coat for a while, then it’s time to just bite the bullet and purchase it. You have tried it on many times, you love the way it feels, you know it fits – you won’t regret adding it to your wardrobe. A coat is always in season thanks to its unique look, design, and practicality. And it also basically pays for itself when it comes to cost per wear. It is recommended that you buy one in neutral colors.

Implement these tips to get a new, fresh look and a confidence boost in your revamped style. All you need is a bit of investment and a little styling knowledge to find the new you and step out of your home with authority.

Photos by: Amanda Vick, Anna Khomutova, Lum3n, Anastasia Shuraeva, Marya Volk

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