DIY: How to Paint a Room like a Pro

DIY: How to Paint a Room like a Pro

It takes more than just a paint brush, a pot of your favorite paint, and a few tools to make a good job of painting your room. Having the right materials and tools is part of the challenge but you also need to know how to plan, prepare, and use some painter’s tips and tricks. Following are some guidelines that will help you prepare and ensure that you can paint your room like a pro.

Plan Your Approach
Before you think about how to paint your room yourself, it is recommended that you plan your approach. You probably have some décor ideas in mind. Think of how you can transform those ideas into reality. What color will you choose? What finish do you want? Think about these things before rolling up your sleeves.

Choose Color
Choosing a color is an overwhelming but important part of the process. Start by considering the theme you would like to create in your room. Most paint companies offer online tools that allow you to upload a photo of your room and test different color combinations virtually. Use these tools and see how each color looks during different points of day before you make a final decision.

Pick Out Tools and Materials
Unless you plan on spray painting, following are some tools and materials you will need to paint your room:
• Drop cloth
• Sponge
• Primer and paint
• Painter’s tape
• Rags
• Brushes
• Paint stirrers
• Roller and refills
• Trays
• Putty knife
• Roller extension pole

Prepare the Walls and the Room
If possible, remove all the furniture from the room. If you can’t, push it into the room’s center and cover it with a drop cloth. Next, use painter’s tape to protect the areas of the room that you don’t wish to paint. Finally, use a mild soap, clean water, and a sponge to get rid of any grease, dirt, and dust on the wall surface. The cleaner and smoother you can get your walls, the better the results will be.

Pick Painting Techniques
Once you have done all the preparation and planning and gathered the necessary tools, it’s time to paint. Before you proceed, it is recommended that you determine your painting technique. Following tips will help you get started:
• Start painting the ceiling and go down from there.
• After painting a section, use the roller to make passes over the wet paint.
• When the ceiling is done, proceed to paint the walls. Use the same method to roll the wall as you did the ceiling.
• Finish the room with the timber trim, doors, and windows.

Don’t Forget Ventilation
Proper ventilation is very important throughout the painting project. Make sure to open windows and use fans so that there is enough air circulation to speed up the drying process.

Clean Up
Gather all the drop cloths and remove painter’s tape. Before moving them, make sure there are no spills. Cleaning your roller and brush immediately after they have been used is the best way to care for your painting equipment. To avoid damaging the bristle, it is recommended that you store the brushes vertically with the head facing up.

Painting a room is a common DIY project. While it is not very difficult to do, it helps to know the tricks of the trade on how to successfully complete it. The above-listed guidelines will put you on the right path.

Photos by: Ivan Samkov, Devon Janse van Rensburg, Matthew Henrys, John Mark Smith, David Waschbüsch, Anete Lusina, Oliver Hale

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