Beautiful Flower’s Meaning That Will Surprise You!

Beautiful Flower’s Meaning That Will Surprise You!

Be it the sweet fragrances or the vivid colors, each and every flower is special in its own way. And there are no better alternatives than the beautiful flowers when it comes to expressing your feelings. Virtually all flowers have a specific meaning. In fact, there’s an entire language of flowers in which different flowers carry different meanings. So, if you are choosing flowers for a particular occasion, it would be a good idea to learn more about flower symbolism and meanings.

Amaryllis represents pride and splendid beauty. It can also mean worth beyond beauty. Amaryllis flowers have been symbolic of well-deserved success, especially in artistic endeavors. They can be seen as a sign of peace, passion, love, and more. They are also believed to trap happiness into people’s lives with their amazing beauty.

The gardenia flower generally comes in only one color and it is white. White is a symbol of sweetness, purity, happiness, spirituality, innocence, and lots more. Some of this flower can have a tint of yellow at the center, and whenever such a distinctive color is seen on flowers, they are generally associated with secret love.

The hyacinth flower is generally attributed with playfulness and a sporty attitude. You can use this beautiful flower as a way to honor or show some love to people who engage in sport. In other words, hyacinth can be used to cheer sportsmen up. Hyacinth releases scents that make it very compelling and attractive at the same time.

There was a time when the peonies used to represent anger. However, nowadays this beautiful flower is linked to compassion, romance, and even bashfulness. The symbol of bashfulness associated with this flower originates from the notion that peonies were said to hide the nymphs in the past. In Japan and China, they are seen as the “King of Flowers”.

Roses have been used throughout the centuries to communicate message of love, admiration, and friendship. Their subtle fragrances and unique beauty conveys a message that is guaranteed to elicit delight from the recipient. Different colored roses have different meanings. For example, red roses are a symbol of love, white roses represent innocence and purity, yellow roses used to symbolize jealousy in Victorian times but today they represent caring, joy, and friendship.

The tulip flower has been seen as the symbol of perfect love and the beautiful things that existed between people. Not all love has to be lovely and romantic at all time, so the tulip can be a way to represent the passion that you have toward someone and it can be a great gift for your family and friends. Tulips also symbolize fame, abundance, and prosperity.

From emblems of hope to romantic symbols, the meanings and symbolism behind some of the most beautiful flowers will surprise you. So, learning about what your chosen flowers might actually be saying is certainly worth the time.

Photos by: Brett Sayles, Eva Elijas, Joe Pilie, Annie Spratt,  Valeriia Miller, Edward Howell, Mitchell Maglio

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