5 Zero-Effort Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

5 Zero-Effort Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

People often think that making a home smell good is a challenging task. Some even think that you must spend a lot of money to achieve this. However, both assumptions are false. Natural remedies, methods, and practices have been developed to improve a home’s scent and they require little to no effort.

Open a Window
Opening the windows in your home is the simplest and the best way to stimulate and revive fresh indoor air. Ultraviolet rays of the sun evaporate the moisture locked in your drapes, carpets, and furniture as well as kill harmful microorganisms. Stagnant environment quickly builds up air pollutants. So, allow the exchange of foul air with fresh air from the outside by opening windows and creating sufficient ventilation in your home. It’s totally free!

Buy Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers aren’t just meant to look good, they also make your home smell good. Peace lily is a natural air-cleaner and it is easy to grow. You can also buy some indoor plants for this purpose, e.g. spider plant, aloe vera, snake plant, fern, etc. Fresh flowers and plants are a great option for creating lively indoors, removing pollutants from the air, and making the home smell good.

Use an Oil Diffuser
All of the air in your home passes through an air filter which makes it the perfect place to infuse something that smells amazing and will cover the entire house in its scent. Oil diffusers are an ideal choice. There are a wide range of oil diffusers available on the market but keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. It is recommended that you avoid cheap department store essential oils and use the one that has no additives or fillers.

Put Out Some Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus is another excellent way to make your home smell good. Eucalyptus is a highly scented and aesthetic plant. Be sure to get a vase full of them as they look amazing and make a perfect bouquet. The lovely smell of eucalyptus leaves will make your indoors lively. You can directly hang a bunch in the dining room, kitchen, and the portico for fresh, soothing smells.

Bake Something
This is a temporary solution but it’s pretty great particularly if you are having company over and want to make sure that your home smells good. Baking a cake or cookies will result in your whole house smelling great. Not to mention you will also have something delicious to eat afterwards. Banana bread, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and cookies are recommended choices.

Fragrance can make us feel good and it can even elevate our mood. Not to mention the way your home smell indicates how clean it is. The above-listed zero-effort ways will help you keep those foul odors at bay and make your home smell good at all times.

Photos by: Kelsey Dody, William Santos, Johanne Kristensen, Kadarius Seegars, Daria Shevtsova, Mae Mu

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