4 Inspirational Movies

4 Inspirational Movies

Inspirational movies don’t just tell a good story, they offer much more. They give you a reason to keep on going and believe that you can achieve greatness as well. Whether you have been feeling hopeless, depressed, or you are just in the mood for some extra motivation, there are many inspirational films that will make your spirits soar.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This is a critically acclaimed film which almost always features in the ‘best inspirational films ever made’ list. Referred to as “A Love Story in Reverse”, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind unravels the account of two individuals who start a relationship after a train journey. The twist in the plot is that they are unaware of the fact that they had already been in a relationship before, but the memories of that relationship were artificially changed. Watching this inspirational movie is a relaxing experience with a shade of uncertainly looming over at all times.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump is acknowledged across the world for being one of the most inspirational films of all time. This movie is about a low IQ boy suffering from certain mental disabilities who ultimately achieves great feats in life. The plot of Forrest Gump beautifully showcases his life right from the phase of being a football star in college to fighting in the Vietnam war and more. It is one of the best films of Tom Hanks and it shows how in spite of the challenges set upon your path you can achieve immeasurable heights. If you are feeling momentarily incapable and dull, then this movie is highly recommended for you.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer is a true and unbelievable story of never giving up and following what ignites passion throughout your life. It follows the story of a professional surfer Bethany Hamilton who loses her arm in a devastating shark attack which almost costs her her life. Bethany’s surfing career takes a big turn because of this devastating accident. But, she refuses to give up. Not only does she participate but also win the upcoming competition. Through her determination, she proves that spirit and soul is just as much as important to surfing as the body is. Soul Surfer is a heart-touching, inspirational, emotional film that will inspire you to never lose hope or accept defeat.

This is another recommend inspirational film. It is a French buddy movie that tells the story of a man who has a good economic standing but his life takes a turn when he becomes quadriplegic due to a devastating accident. He goes from having everything to constantly needing help on everyday basis. But, the film shows that with an attitude, it is possible to face such problems, challenges, and difficult circumstances. Intouchables gives a message that you need not have everything in this world to be happy and how liveliness, positivity is all that we need to survive.

These are some of the top movies that you will find inspirational, with characters that overcome personal and/or professional challenges, tales you can learn form, or that in some way contribute to the drive and attitude needed on a daily basis.

Photo by: Sarah Pflug

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