4 Insane tips for your first backpacking adventure

4 Insane tips for your first backpacking adventure

Are you going backpacking for the first time? Then we can imagine very well that you have questions or that you are curious about what is really useful to know in advance. We asked seasoned backpackers which tips they have for those who are setting their first steps in backpacking adventures.

Don't take too much!

Too often we see backpackers traveling with a huge backpack. Our advice is: don´t pack too much! During backpacking, you will soon notice that you really don't need much to travel well. Plus, chances are you'll get a favorite travel outfit, which you'll be wearing most of the time. So don't bring a hundred pairs of shoes, a thousand shirts and dozens of pants. Also a useful tip: Don't buy a large backpack! Then you can not even take too much, because it simply does not fit in your bag.

Only book your flight and the first night

Backpacking can be exciting for the first time, so many people tend to book everything in advance. This is not only a waste of your money (in the country itself it is often much cheaper), but your trip will be too ´fixed´ which means you don't have room for impulsive decisions. And you will want to make them. Once you have arrived at your destination, talk to other travelers and locals and discover the real must-do's and places to be. Other travelers can often tell you a lot about safety, smart routes and the best transport. Do you already know which hostel will be your next stop? Sometimes it is useful to book ahead. You can do this on the go with apps such as hostelworld or Airbnb.

Bring an extra small backpack in your backpack

Bring an extra backpack or bag. This will be useful when you want to spend a day at the beach, explore a city or an evening out. It does not give the impression of valuable content and this way you don't have to carry everything all the time. In addition, a day pack of 24-32 liters is very useful for, for example, multi-day tracks or day trips. You can often store your large luggage in your hostel. Use the small backpack as hand luggage on the plane or bus. A solution is also a foldable backpack, which doesn´t take too much space in your large backpack.

Make copies of your travel documents

This way you don't always have to carry your passport, but you always need a copy in case of theft. You can also take a photo of your travel documents. We also found that taking an unusable or fake bank card or credit card with you may prove to be very useful. If you are robbed, just give it along. Thief satisfied and you get away with no problems. Therefore, always carry a small wallet with cash for the day with you. Your travel budget and important documents you can hide in a money belt to keep them safe.

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