Ethnic earrings Tribalism Silver EarringsEthnic earrings Tribalism Silver Earrings

Tribalism Silver Earrings

Ethnic earrings Lotusland Silver EarringsEthnic earrings Lotusland Silver Earrings

Lotusland Silver Earrings

Ethnic earrings Garden Grove Silver EarringsEthnic earrings Garden Grove Silver Earrings

Garden Grove Silver Earrings

Macrame necklace Salamina NecklaceMacrame necklace Salamina Necklace

Salamina Necklace

Macrame necklace Ithaki NecklaceMacrame necklace Ithaki Necklace

Ithaki Necklace

Macrame necklace Kythnos NecklaceMacrame necklace Kythnos Necklace

Kythnos Necklace

Macrame necklace Astypalaia NecklaceMacrame necklace Astypalaia Necklace

Astypalaia Necklace

ethnic necklace Moon and Sun Necklaceethnic necklace Moon and Sun Necklace

Moon and Sun Necklace

Ethnic ring Square Silver RingEthnic ring Square Silver Ring

Square Silver Ring

Ethnic ring Victory Silver RingEthnic ring Victory Silver Ring

Victory Silver Ring

Ethnic ring Circle Silver RingEthnic ring Circle Silver Ring

Circle Silver Ring

Ethnic ring Alpine RingEthnic ring Alpine Ring

Alpine Ring

Macrame pedant Fuchsite PendantMacrame pedant Fuchsite Pendant

Fuchsite Pendant

Macrame earrings Evdilos Cocoa Bean EarringsMacrame earrings Evdilos Cocoa Bean Earrings

Evdilos Cocoa Bean Earrings


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