Obsessed with Travel? Discover Samothraki

Obsessed with Travel? Discover Samothraki

Are you an avid traveler looking for a place where you won’t be elbowing for sunset shots or cocktails, or jostling with the crowds for space on the beach? Then you are in luck because there are plenty of hidden gems in the Greek islands where you can find your own piece of paradise. Located in the northern Aegean Sea, Samothraki is one such island that is the perfect holiday destination for new-age hippies. Since it is one of the least visited islands by foreign travelers, it is an ideal place for lovers of solitude and nature.

Access to Samothraki

You can reach Samothraki from Alexandroupoli via a two-hour ferry trip. The ferry connects this eastern Greek mainland city to Samothraki twice every day in July and August as they are the peak season months for visiting the island. You can get the ticket from any of the various travel agents close to Alexandroupoli port.

Activities and Attractions

There are many things to see and do in Samothraki. The island is rich in archaeological monuments of great beauty. It is home to the mystery cult of Kabeiroi and the famous “Nike of Samothrace” statue. Other historical attractions include three fortification towers and a protective stonewall in the Northern part of the island, built in the 15th century during the Venetian occupation.

The rare flora and fauna of this island is protected under Natura 2000 directives. Samothraki is well-known for its many rock pools and waterfalls, locally known as “vathres”, which are deep enough for swimming. Beaches offer ideal conditions for diving and snorkeling. Samothraki is also a great travel destination for experienced mountain climbers. Furthermore, there are also lots of opportunities for canyoning in a stunning environment among waterfalls, making the island a top destination for the fans of extreme activities.

The camping grounds of Samothraki are the only natural campsite of Greece. They are covered with plane trees that reach all the way to the sea. Campsite visitors can experience a truly natural lifestyle here as there are several opportunities to enjoy yourself camping next to the beautiful beaches, natural pools, and waterfalls.

Samothraki also attracts religious visitors. Small churches and chapels can be found all over the island. The “Stasidi of Apostle Paul” is a must-see religious monument that reminds of the arrival of Saint Paul on the island around 50 AD.

Mobility on the Island

There are a few companies in Kamariotissa that rent motorcycles and cars. You can also rent bicycles in Kato Kariotes and Kamariotissa. During the summer, public buses are available that link the bigger settlements about 4-7 times a day. Taxis are also available on the island.


In terms of accommodation, the island offers a wide range of small hotels, rooms, and apartments for rent. Most of them are situated in Therma, Chora, Paleopoli, or Kamariotissa.

With its serene landscape, natural treasures, “vathres” lakes, traditional taverns, and more, Samothraki gives the impression that the time has stopped. It is a one-of-a-kind alternative travel destination that will satisfy the most discerning tourist.

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