Jewelry Every Boho Woman Should Own

Jewelry Every Boho Woman Should Own

Bohemian fashion reflects individualism, peaceful and relaxed attitude, free-spirited lifestyle, and open-mindedness. These are the qualities that differentiate Boho style from the mainstream. The Boho lifestyle is breezy, young, and fun. There are no strict fashion rules, except the rule of comfort. Even if you are not a Boho woman, you can use these distinctive pieces of jewelry to complete your look. Boho is easily adjustable to any modern, city and urban chic style. Following are the types of Boho jewelry you should try out:

Big Rings
Boho big rings generally use accessible semi-precious gemstones rather than expensive precious stones. In Boho jewelry, raw gemstones are also very popular. These include gemstones that are not cut or polished but kept in their natural shape. When choosing Boho big rings, you don’t need to worry about matching things, so go for it if you have rings of different colors, designs, and sizes you love.

When it comes Boho bracelets, there really is no limit – whether you want to pick out a large statement bracelet or stack a layer of multiple small bracelets. Friendship bracelets, that usually feature handwoven patterns, are very popular. Boho fashion is known for its unique textures, bold colors, and tribal patterns. And these bracelets are no different. If you are a Boho woman or someone who wants to express their free spirit with Boho jewelry, then it is recommended that you try stacking 2-3 different bracelet on each hand. If you are not comfortable wearing that much jewelry, then start with two and build your style from there.

Layering Necklaces and Pendants
Just like bracelets, Boho layering necklaces and pendants offer limitless possibilities. Natural materials like strings, beads, semi-precious gemstones, and leather are common. Boho fashion is also about mixing things up and these layering necklaces really allow you to unleash your sense of style and creativity. Stick with a theme, e.g. all similar materials and colors for a subtle look or go for a real statement by wearing different types of necklaces. Be sure to vary the material, length, and thickness of each piece for the best results.

Fringes and Tassels
Fringes and tassels are a great way to personalize a Boho outfit as they add a touch of unique decoration while also complimenting both smart and casual looks. Both tend to be made from silver or gold designed to mimic the suede or leather fringes and tassels you would see on clothing or bags.

Boho style earrings are quite colorful and rich, and generally oversized. The ethnic tribal gold earrings are very popular and they are a recommended choice. They feature stunning color combinations and beautiful texture.
Boho jewelry allows anyone to express their individualism and inner selves, as obviously or as subtly as they choose to. You don’t need any more reason than that to go out there and begin shopping for some amazing pieces to add that extra something to your wardrobe and your life.

Photos by: Artem Beliaikin,  Luiz Fernando

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