Hacks to Keep Your Closet Smelling Great

Hacks to Keep Your Closet Smelling Great

Everyone’s house has a certain smell to it. Generally, homeowners don’t recognize it because they have grown immune to it. However, sometimes a closet can also develop an unpleasant smell that is particularly evident if you keep it closed for a few days. And if your closet has a certain smell, then it is likely that your clothes will probably have that as well. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your closet smell good and keep it that way.

Perfumed Tissue Paper
There are a number of creative ways in which you can employ tissue paper to keep your closet as well as your clothing smelling great. Start by spraying your favorite perfume onto a few tissue papers and then place them in closet drawers or on closet shelf where your clothes can absorb the scent. Alternatively, you can place the perfumed tissue papers in small glass jars that are covered with thin fabric. While this method won’t make the bed smell go away, it will definitely cover up any stale odor.

Old Dryer Sheets
Did you know that after you finish using a dryer sheet in your laundry, there are many ways to reuse it? Old, used dryer sheets are a tried and tested way to keep the closet and clothes smelling fresh and nice. So, rather than using your dryer sheets just for drying your clothing, it is recommended that you strategically place them throughout your closet. This will work wonders for getting rid of that unpleasant closet smell. When you are folding your clothes, it is recommended that you tuck some dryer sheets between them so that they keep smelling clean and fresh longer. Furthermore, you can also attach the dryer sheets to your clothing hangers before you hang clothes. Your used dryer sheets will naturally produce the fresh linen smell that you usually get after you have tumbled your clothes in the dryer.

DIY Potpourri
Making a DIY potpourri is a very easy project that will leave your closet smelling great in little to no time. You can tuck these anywhere you want in your closet and rest easy knowing that they won’t be an eyesore. Put them on your shelves, in your drawers, and you can even tie them to your wooden hangers. To make a DIY potpourri, you can collect the ingredients yourself with your own choice of wood chippings and herbs, or if you prefer, you can purchase a ready-made set from your local perfume shop.

Over time, closets can become a dumping ground for seasonal clothes and rarely used items. That accumulation of stuff can also be a home for unpleasant smells. The methods listed above will help make your closet smell a lot nicer. However, keep in mind that these methods won’t necessarily solve the root cause of the smell. So, be sure that it’s not something behind the scenes, e.g. mildew issue, that requires further attention.

Photos by: Alyssa Strohmann, Elly Fairytale, Marta Wave, Katya 

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