Hidden Beaches Around the World You Need to Know About

Hidden Beaches Around the World You Need to Know About

Exploring untrodden paths is both challenging and exciting at the same time. Finding a hidden beach may seem like a journey, but if you make the effort, you will certainly be rewarded with an amazing, unique experience. The good news is, there are many hidden beaches around the world that are somewhat accessible. Here are some of these secret beaches that are, at the moment, under the radar.

Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal
There is a unique natural landscape situated on the southern coast of Portugal. It can only be accessed through water. The sea caves here shelter the secluded beach below. Benagil Sea Cave is one of the most secret and beautiful beaches in the world. Located on the Algarve Coast of Portugal, it is surrounded by stunning cliffs and it is only accessible by boat. The water of the cave is crystal clear and the beach is white sand. If you are looking for a hidden beach to escape to, then this one is certainly worth a visit.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
While Australia has many beaches, only a few of them can claim to be the best secret beaches in the world. Whitehaven Beach is one of them. Situated on the Whitsunday Islands just off the mid-northern coast of Queensland is a glistering white sand beach enriched by turquoise blue waters and lush forests. Visitation limits are strict which means only a limited number of people can be here at any given time.

Navagio Beach, Greece
Commonly known as Shipwreck Beach, Navagio Beach is one of the best hidden beaches in the world. Located on the coast of Zakynthos, you can access it via boat. The name of the beach is self-explanatory due to a marooned 1983 vessel that is half buried in the white sands of the beach. It makes for an excellent backdrop to an already stunning beach. It is one of the best secret beaches enriched by crystal blue waters and sheer cliff faces.

Praia Trancoso, Brazil
Gentle waves and soft white sand make Praia Trancoso beach a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Despite its popularity, the beach remains relatively hidden. It is untouched by commercialism which means you won’t find any high-rise restaurants or hotels here. If you are looking for a relaxing, quiet beach to spend your days, then this beach is definitely worth visiting.

Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles
Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most stunning beaches in the world thanks to crystal-clear water and glistering white sand. It’s relatively hidden location makes this beach even more special. You can either reach it by a long hike or by boat. Anse Source d’Argent is certainly worth checking out if you are looking for a beach off the beaten path. Just be prepared for a boat ride or a long hike to get there.

No matter whether you are a die-hard swimmer, an adrenaline junkie, a lay tourist who wants to relax by the sea, or an avid traveler looking to explore the untrodden paths, the above-listed hidden beaches will certainly overwhelm your senses.

Photos by: Chris, Mondo Generator, Shakti Rajpurohit, pixabay, Caico Gontijo, Vitalii Ustymenko

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