Carnelian Pendant

Every piece is 100% waterproof. Go surf, snowboard, or even take a shower with them on. Handcrafted with a natural Carnelian stone and fine Italian waxed coated thread, wearing your pendant every day only enhances the natural look and feel. Oh, and because each stone is natural, every piece is 100% unique.

- 100% waterproof
- Adjustable diameter
- Genuine Carnelian stone
- Fine Italian waxed coated thread
- All hand made by Fani

Founded in Samothraki - Greece, Ethnasia Jewelry provides sustainable handmade art worldwide. We’re also passionate about protecting the environment. That’s why we only use natural material.

- Support an artist
- Donate 10% of profit to charity
- Eco-friendly material
- Ethically produced in my workshop

- Happiness guaranteed


Customer Reviews

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nicole Boismenu

Love it so beautiful 💜

Casey Dinh
Carnelian Pendant - LOVE !

I purchased 5 items from this site with some skepticism bc all insta ads usually make me feel that way, but after looking thru their page I loved the energy ! this pendant is now my FAVORITE piece to wear. when I first got it, the thread was pretty waxy & left some residue on my fingers anytime I touched it - BUT it went away after ~1-2 weeks of wearing it. the stone itself is a bit darker than what I'd expected (still love though), but when the sun shines on it right, the color is vividly bright ! the size itself is ab that of a quarter - think an oval locket - & I actually like that it's a bit on the smaller side, as it can be worn rather casually w many occasions/outfits. even though it is waterproof, I take it off when I shower but I do keep it on when I go swimming ! and I haven't had any issues with that yet ! the adjustable strap can be a bit finicky where one end will be stuck but I just hold the actual adjustment place & pull the string so it can move - I assume it just has to do with the wax composition but I really don't mind (: I've gotten so many compliments on this pendant & I always refer this place to friends. I'm excited to purchase some more pendants in the future !

Maria Papadopoulou Papadopoulou
Carnelian Pendant

I love love love IT 🤩absolutely fabulous


This was my third purchase from this site. I was hoping that the Carnelian stone would have been bigger, but, as stated in the details, each stone is different and unique. Mine is quite tiny, but has a lovely colour. I'm hoping to fall in love with it over time as much as my other purchases. Thanks!

Thank you very much for the comment. The feedback is very important to me. I am really happy that you understand the uniqueness of each stone. I choose them one by one so they are different. I am sure that it will give you something good because it's made with much love!

Love it!

I love is energy and I wear it all the time!